Where I can download bible modules for the Unbound Bible?

Unbound Bible for Windows and Linux can work with bible modules in diferent formats - 'unbound', 'mybible' and 'e-sword'. You can find such modules on these sites: - 'mybible' format modules - 'e-sword' format modules - 'e-sword' format modules

How I can install bible module into Unbound Bible program?

1. Download bible module.

2. Unzip it if necessary.

3. Run Unbound Bible. Open Меню and choose «Help»-«Bible Folder».

4. Move downloaded module from download folder to «Unbound Bible» folder.

5. Restart Unbound Bible program.

How to install modules into Unbound Bible for Mac?

Now Unbound Bible for Mac support only old 'unbound' format. But new version of the program with modern format support going to release soon.